Hello!  Here is a bit about me.  I taught elementary and middle school for over a decade and decided to change careers.  I do still substitute teach because I love educating and supporting students. However, i realized having studied art at Portland State, using my knowledge of sculpture and painting was the perfect combination to transfer to cake decorating. No, I have not watched the cake shows on TV.  I am asked that a lot. I have learned by trial and error.

My business has been a true learning experience from design of cakes to web design.  I truly appreciate how all those years of art training have completely transferred to food design. Thank you to my parents for knowing art lessons were my passion. They say "I will never be a starving artist."

What fun it has been to watch my business grow over the years.  I never expected the reception my custom and wedding cakes have received. It warms my heart to create a lasting memory for my customers. 

Thank you to my two children  They constantly are subject to my crazy work hours and that the need to get out of my “office” aka the kitchen.  They are my biggest fans.  I hope to make you a fan too!

I hope to bake for you soon,