How many people do you plan to serve?  

Something to consider is wedding cake slices are calculated on much smaller servings than you would serve for a party. However, not everyone will be able to share your special day and some will not eat cake. This is especially true if your reception includes other sweet treats.  

How many tiers should you have?

Each bride is different.  Some want a traditional three tier cake, but think it will be too small.  A great way to make a cake appear larger is to have tiers of different shapes and heights.  This dimensional effect also gives any cake a modern feel.   I have silver round cake plateau available for rental to raise your cake and make it appear larger.   

What about flavors and fillings?   

Each tier can, and I feel should be a different flavor.  This is a great way to please all your guests tastes as well as your own.   Pick flavors and fillings that are complimentary.  For example, chocolate with raspberry is a delicious combination.  Consider also the time of year of your wedding.  Summer cakes can be fruity, while Fall cakes could have more spice to them.  But, it is your wedding and you get to choose.   

Do you meet for consultations and  tasting sessions? 

Yes! For tastings I'll prepare 3 flavors/ fillings that you choose for your samples. There is a $25.00 fee (cakes with alcohol are an additional fee)  for a tasting session.  These usually last 45 minutes to an hour.  If you want me to make sample cakes to go, the $25.00 fee applies. I have very generous samples.

What exactly is fondant? 

I am asked a lot of questions about fondant.  Most people have tried the older versions, which are tasteless and hard.   My fondant is made from scratch and tastes like marshmallows and vanilla. Fondant is a sugar "candy clay".  It is the best way to give your cake the true smooth finish.   

Think of fondant as wrapping paper for your cake.  It looks pretty and keeps the inside fresh and new.  There is plenty of butter cream under the fondant so those who do not want to eat it, can peel it away.   

Your caterer, or whoever is cutting the cake should have a sharp serrated knife.  The bridal serving set will not cut through fondant.    

Flowers/ Other Decorative items

Most wedding cakes have fresh flowers that give the cake a gorgeous pop of color.  I am happy to add your flowers (provided by you) while on site at your venue at no charge.

What is included in the delivery fee? 

Delivering is much more than driving it to your venue.  Once I arrive, I arrange the cake to your specifications, add decorative elements and have it picture perfect before I leave.  I am often on site for close to an hour setting up a wedding cake.